We recruit talent and develop football players

We will recruit young talented players from all over Tanzania, but obviously mostly from the geographical circle around Arumeru district. Going to Mwanza in the west, Dodoma in the south, Dar in the east and the Kenyan border in the north.
The first boys for the start in January 2024 will be recruited through our TryOut-days the 9th and 10th of September 2023.
Saturday the 9th we will have around 50 boys tested for footballing skills. The 25-30 best then passes to Sunday where we will focus on school and personal character. The 16 boys, who will be offered full sponsorship and by that be given a chance to make football their living.  

10,000 hours of football
With up to 8 years of footbal at Young Boys Academy, the boys will be close to have played the magical 10,000 hours of planned and coached training. So many hours are what it takes to become skillful within your sport. It is our goal that some of our boys will qualify and be selected to the Tanzanian National U17/U19 teams.
Amongst our skilled coaches in Young Boys FD, Denmark we have a blend of coaches with most experience and honors – and some young coaches as well. The coaches from Denmark will visit the academy and inspire both the local coaches and the young boys. They will also participate in making plans for the coming training at the academy.

BODY: From the Body-Mind-Spirit triangle we translate body to FOOTBALL. We will give our boys the the best possible chance to unfold their talent and make football their living. And this way inspire the youth of TZ.