Mind you: Education is important

We are a football Academy but it is very important that our boys receive a good school education from the private schools, while we at the academy will educate them as football players – and human beings. 

Part of the recruitment proces
The first part of our recruitment will be from a football – but our boys also needs to be good students. Or at least have the will to be it.
Before starting at Young Boys Academy all our boys will have to have passed Standard 4 just as they will have to get pass the ‘pre-exam’ at Silverleaf.

Co-operation with Silverleaf Academy
When given the sponsorship to Young Boys Academy the young boys are automatic enrolled in Silverleaf Academy (primary). Silverleaf is only 3 km from the Academy. The school system in Tanzania – both the public and the private – is very much inspired by the ‘old’ English system where the pupils learn it the hard way in a robot-like discipline. We want to create the modern Tanzanian role models and we are happy that Silverleaf shares our value

Extra Tuition
At the Young Boys Academy, we have also employed a resource who shall assist the boys if some of them have challenges with the academic education at the school.

MIND: From our holistic view (Body-Mind-Spirit) we translate mind to SCHOOL. We give our boys the best possible chances to get a strong academic career.