Our 3 Dar-boys

Mussa, Iqram and Mansour arrived to the academy a day before the rest of the boys – as they had a 12-14 hour long bus-drive from Dar es Salaam to reach our Academy at the foot of Mount Meru.

Along the way at the bus the boys were followed by the academy manager, Felician Musa, another coach and Iqrams father.

Iqram being one of our two goalies, Mussa a striker (scored four goals at Chipkizi Cup) and Mansour a defender the boys comes from an Academy in central Dar.

Felician Musa has told us that the Academy has been founded by him to give boys something to ‘be happy about’ – and ‘to take them off the streets’. Young Boys Academy supports this by giving Mussa, Iqram and Mansour two chances to succeed in life: Football and Academic.

All three Dar-boys are 10 years old, and are all to start in Standard 5 in Silverleaf Academy.