Young Boys Academy is a non-profit organization that, through the academy, use quality academic education and football as a tool to assist the young boys and through that also their families and community in getting a better chance in life. We can not achieve our vision without your help.

Sign up and help the young boys in Tanzania. 

Private membership
A private membership is 300 DKK yearly – less than 1,00 DKK daily.

Family membership
A family membership is 500 DKK yearly – only 1,40 DKK daily.

Company membership
A company membership is 1.200 DKK yearly – this is only 100 DKK monthly.

Please contact us via to learn more about a compay membership, and how we can help you using this as an advantage in your business. 

Hubert Valerian Samwel

This is Hubert. Hubert is 11 years old. 

Hubert is dreaming about being a proffessional football player. He loves Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona.

But don´t be fooled – Hubert is also very diligent at school. He is going to school at Silverleaf Academy and he is doing very well.

Help us to support Hubert – and give him two chances to be a tanzanian rolemodel. When you sponsor Hubert you also sponsor the academy.

Thank you for your support