Strong academic education

We don’t just assess football talent. It is at least as important that the boys get a strong academic education, so that they have two platforms to succeed from.

Primary School: Silverleaf
We have found the school in the area with values closest to ours – Silverleaf Academy. The school has been present at the recruitment of the boys, who have also undergone a pre-exam test.

Secondary School: Alianga
So far, Silverleaf only has Primary, and our boys who have started Secondary School therefore go to Alianga. A good school with good values.

Own school teacher
At the academy, we have employed our own local school teacher, partly to support the school work and with him a guarantor of our holistic view of people at the academy. In addition, he will act as a kind of substitute parent.



Team players


We recruit talented young players from all over Tanzania, but primarily from the geographical circle called Mwanza, Arusha, Moshi, Dar, Dodoma.

The first batch of 14 boys moved into the academy on 5 January 2024. The boys, who are aged 9-12, went through a few selection events during 2023, and were finally invited in September 2023.

10,000 hours of football training
With up to 7-8 years of football training at the academy, the boys will be close to achieving the magical 10,000 hours of planned and challenging training, which research shows you must have, as a minimum, if you want to be really good. It is our goal that in 10 years, we have at least one nationalteam player in Tanzania. And before that also boys who have been selected for Tanzania’s national U17 and U19 national teams.

We are determined to create future role models for Tanzania. And we do it from two platforms: Football & School – and then by having a holistic based belief.