Personal character means a lot

Personal character 
When we recruit the boys – on the 9th and 10th of September 2023 – we will evaluate the boys talent. Both in football and in school. But down to the last part of the recruitment the boys personal character will be the most decisive factor. Because; it’s the boys personal character we will have to develop further in order to create role models.
It is the boys character which decides how easy the boys will adopt our 5 values:

1. We have got team spirit. We are together. 
2. We love to play. It has to be fun.
3. We are pro active
4. We are holistic. Body Mind Spirit – all three.
5. We have got stamina. We never give up.

The boys will naturally – during the 6-8 years – receive the biggest opportunity of developing their academic level as well as their football skills. But when school and football is over … its the personal character and the values that will count.

SPIRIT: From our body-mind-spirit holistic view we translate spirit into PERSONAL CHARACTER. We see the success of our activities if we manage to bring up focused, happy and team oriented young boys.