Founders of Young boys Academy, Tanzania

The academy was founded by Holger Kristiansen and Bo Kristiansen. The two brothers from Silkeborg, Denmark want to make a difference for young boys from Tanzania.                                                                        

Bo Kristiansen

Bo Kristiansen

Founder & Chairman

Bo knows about Africa, Tanzania and Arusha. I the period from 1982 to 1998 he worked for more than 10 years in Kenya and Tanzania for DANIDA (Danish Government Development Agency) and Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Big Danish NGO). From 1994-1998 Bo worked as Director of Operations of MS Training Centre for Development Cooperation (MS TCDC or Danish) in Usa River, Arusha.

Since Bo moved back to Denmark, he has minimum once a year visited Tanzania to meet friends and to take care of Lake Natron Maasai Support’s activities in Tanzania.

Lake Natron Maasai Support
Bo is the co-founder of the Danish NGO, which support Maasai’s from Engaresero, Lake Natron, Tanzania. In 2010 he was appointed “Alaigwanani” by the maasai clan Liyang’iri in the northwest of Tanzania.

Establishment of Young Boys Academy
Bo’s background in Tanzania, his friends and relations will assist us in establishment of Young Boys Academy in the Arusha region.

Holger Kristiansen

Holger Kristiansen

Founder & Vice Chairman

Holger has during the past 25 years founded a number of companies within media, sport, betting and soccer.

Young Boys FD
Holger has since 2015 worked together with Silkeborg KFUM to try to take the club to the 3rd tier in Danish Soccer (in 2013 the club was in the 8th tier) Because when you reach the 3rd tier in Denmark you can make commercial soccer – contractually tie the players down. The commercial part will be through Young Boys FD owned by Holger.

The Young Boys Academy
… is very much integrated in the plans of Young Boys FD, Denmark – where we can channel knowledge and fund to Tanzania to support the academy and by that develop talented young Tanzanian soccer players and also give opportunities to play soccer in Europe for talented young Tanzanian soccer players.