Welcome to Young Boys Academy


Young Boys Academy is a non-profit organization that through the academy use quality academic education and football as a tool to assist the young boys as well as their families and community in getting a better chance in life. 

The objective of Young Boys Academy
The ambition and objective of founding the academy is to make Young Boys Academy, an ideal place to develop young boys from Tanzania as future role-models by providing them with quality academic education while developed them holistically, sportingly and at the end make them productive members of the society.

All done through the holistic mindset of YMCA: Body (football), Mind (school) and Spirit (character)

Our goal/aim is to develop the football talent of boys aged 10-18 years while also providing full academic sponsorship at a well-established and excellent performing school. Foremost we want to develop them into good members of their community when returning, but this might also include a ticket to university or a profession in football.

The important thing is for us to secure all YBA-boys a better future. 



We recruit talent… and develop players


School is just as important as football.


We are working on personal character


A personal plan for a good life. Every boy is in focus.


Welcome to Mathias

Welcome to Mathias

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A seed is planted

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